This is a list of all the organizations that appear over the course of the story.

The Whizzes

Formed by Patrick Larsen to combat threats to the universe, later goal is for omniversal control and to destroy the Outer Gods.

Arduro Relustro

Formed by Caity, a group of warriors dedicated to stopping the Temerar and the Great Old Ones.


Formed by Mulciber, later led by Phaedra. Goal is world domination and releasing the great old ones.

Omniversal Government

Created to keep control over the whole omniverse, destroying all major threats to the Outer Gods rule.

Servants of The Father

Formed by the Elder Gods, goal is to overthrow the Outer Gods.

Court Of Azathoth

The COA is a group of 9 beings, who rule the Omniverse,the Outer Gods are their figureheads, they are led by Ragna.