Patrick Larsen
Allie miller



Patrick Larsen

At the start of the series Patty is a 15 year old 9th grader, after losing control as a young boy and killing a friend, Patrick's mental state is horribly damaged, as a young boy with unknown powers he must mature and destroy the outer gods control of the omniverse. He is the strangest of the group and cant control his powers. He must choose the omniverses fate, allow all organisms to join and become a perfect being or force them to stay apart and choose their own fates.

Cory Giraldo
A natural born leader, Cory is the mastermind of most of the the whizzes adventures, Cory loves music more then anything, and is considered to be the funniest of the group, Cory, Jake, and Michael are lifelong friends and after meeting Patrick form the whizzes. However he has very radical beliefs,is an extreme anarchist, and can be cruel to his friends.

Michael Smith
Probably the most "normal" of the group, Michael is a loyal friend, and views his friends as the most important things in his life. Altough he is not the most outrageous of the group he is always there alongside his friends.

Jake Fletcher
A purebred raging patriot, Jake loves the south and is the "rock" that holds the whizzes together. Jake is always the first to fight and is always the last to suurrender. Jake has a way with the ladies and is considered the playboy of the group.

Tristian Johnson A late comer to the whizzes[he doesnt join till year 2] Tristian constantly fights with the others and thinks he should be leader. However despite this Tristian is a good person who just does what he thinks is best.

Allie Miller

A childhood friend of Patrick's, she acts as the mother of the group.


Jake fletcher

Jake Fletcher

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