Species: outer god(once human)
Power level:capable of destroying entire universes.
Abilities: Can take any shape, element control, master manipulater
The main villian of the series, Nyarlathotep was an Egyptian wizard who sold his soul to the Outer Gods in order to become one. Therefore he is the only outer god with a personality, he is capable of taking any form he wishes. After hearing a prophecy that 5 children will destroy him, he goes on a mad search to find the 5 and kill them before they grow up to destroy him..

Nyarlathotep in his human form.

In 8th grade he gets ordered to destroy Earth by Azathoth the king of the OGs he attempts to destroy Earth by waking Cthulhu from his slumber and orders him to destroy Earth due to the human race growing to quickly. Taking Temarar leader Phaedra's body as a host Cthulhu destroys all of South America, before he can destroy America. The Whizzes and the worlds military launces a full scale war on the Temarar and the starspawn, eventually Patirck Larsen kills Phaedra by unleashing the power of the firstborn. During this time Nyarlathotep was fighting Mr Mcconnell.  With Cthulhu dead, Nyarlathotep retreats back to his home in the dreamlands.