The whizzes is an upcoming multimedia series done by a group of high school students from Baton Rouge. It is a series based on their ordinary life experiences combined with their wild fantasies, the series will use elements from the stories of HP Lovecraft. The series creators Patrick Larsen and Cory Giraldo can be reached at Facebook and Myspace. It will cover movies/comics/a comedy show/music.

Orgins Edit

The whizzes got its start in 6th grade, it was made unintentionaly, it started as a bunch of stories my best friend Cory told us when we were bored; all of these stories were comedic and usually involved us getting into hijinks in various fictional universes. In 7th grade I started writing my own stories, these stories had a continuity, they were much more serious and featured us as fictionalized versions of ourselves. By 8th grade I had a huge story floating in my head, and after reading the stories of HP Lovecraft I was inspired to eventually bring these stories to the masses. When these stories started I was 13 in 6th grade now I am now 16 in 9th grade. The story has advanced with me and now me and a few other students are working together to get them published when I am 18. Untill then I have made this wiki as our resource.

The Whizzes is divided into seven parts, each part is one school year, starting in 6th grade and ending in senior year of high school.